Manchester, UK

The Hut Group


Multi-website retail


CMS application



How can we make it easy for content creators to find, edit & create new pages inside an existing (complex) website structure?



Simplify the tree structure inside the CMS and reduce the complexity of the website for content creators into smaller relatable branches.


For the business this would reduce duplication of pages & errors where deleting a page in one area may affect the entire site.



Lean UX process for shorter requirements

(based on a 5 day sprint).



Day 1


The project was more ‘epic’ than it seemed. With this in mind, on day 1 I asked the team to run through a mini sprint planning process & create tickets for everything we needed to do to fulfil the requirements. Through agreed prioritisation we could eliminate less valuable tasks.



Day 2


One of the most important tasks upfront involved a full user study.

By understanding the existing platform, how content creators were managing pages and what frustrations or difficulties they faced we could begin to form hypothesis for solutions.



Day 3


The design phase involved lots of collaboration and iteration as decisions were made between the stakeholders & project team. Peer review helped resolve any gaps in the proposed solutions (& also great for braintrust and creating respect & unity across the department).

Solution UI wireframes

Wireframe solutions



Day 4


Testing went through several rounds throughout the design stage. Because the page manager is an internal tool it was easy to schedule time with content creators to test the prototypes.



The page management tool was built on Bootstrap. The tested designs were exported straight from Adobe XD & imported into Sketch. The Sketch files were posted to Zeplin as they were created keeping the entire process agile. The dev team also had access to the prototypes & were involved in the decision for the proposed solutions.

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