Manchester, UK



Japanese multinational consumer electronics and video game company


CMS application



Can we create a CMS that becomes ‘invisible’ and allows publishers to focus on content creation?



A widget based CMS. The author selects a widget, the interface ‘dissolves’ into the background & all they have to focus on is content creation inside the widget.


For the business this means creators spend more time focused on content rather than the CMS & their customers have a consistent experience when viewing published content.



Lean UX process for shorter requirements

(based on a 5 day sprint).



Day 1


Because there was an already an existing (complicated CMS) in place the project kicked of by uncovering everything we knew about the existing platform and how customers interacted with it.



Day 2


By day 2 a new proposed information architecture was put in place using post-it’s. After several workarounds involving key stakeholders & the dev team, a ‘user first’ structure was put in place. Because of the collaboration the dev team could get on with back end work while our project team moved into design.



Day 3


In the first instance, design proposals were created through solution sketching. Because of the fast pace of the project, sharing work for peer review was critical to uncover gaps / ‘what-if’s’ in the designs. The selected designs were taken through to (branded) wireframes.

Product UI wireframes

Solution sketches



The dev team were building the structure of the CMS using Bootstrap for the frontend. Because the entire process was ‘lean’ it could be shared directly with the client who would use (& therefore test) the CMS live. Iterations will be made as feedback come from users of the CMS & tracking is in place for analytical use.



A Bootstrap UI kit was branded so the designs could be delivered quickly. They were created in Sketch and posted to Zeplin as they were created which kept the entire process agile.


If I had more time or I could change anything I might have skipped formal wireframing & UI for prototyping the UI (which also creates exportable assets).

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