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Mobile fitness application



What would your ideal day look like if you could have a Personal Trainer to guide you from the moment you wake up until last thing at night?



A PT in your pocket that will offer customers a tailored workout & diet plan based on their profile. It will also encourage new positive daily habits.


The business benefits from new customer science gaining a deeper understanding of their customers.



The process I use for longer product strategy, with short release cycles.



6 months leading up to the project kick-off I spent time immersed in the world of health & fitness.


The research covered everything from stakeholder workshops & spending time with potential customers to studying the competitor landscape.



Planning the project involved creating a product map for MVP into Product V1, a flexible document that would change as new discoveries were made.


From then on the real agile process began, 2 week sprints, moving the project forward with quick testable releases.



Features in the backlog were prioritised so that every 2 weeks the project team could focus on a single user goal.


The design process began with the architecture or user flow, initial sketches were created as a talking point before prototypes were created ready for testing.


Paper prototype (click to view)

Adobe XD prototype (click to view)

Axure prototype (click to view)

Wireframe exploration

Take a look at some early prototypes:

Initial sketch ideas

User flow

Decision flows & architecture

App architecture



Continual testing with the target audience was key to this project. Every single sprint I tested the prototype against the intended user goal.


The test review was done as a project team so everybody could see how customers handled the app.



Because the entire project team was involves in reviewing the user testing, iterating through ideas was much quicker.


Some changes could be made directly in dev, sometimes the prototype was in a good enough state to move into UI & other times it needed to go back through the UX process.



More of a side note:


I worked with the engineers on a daily basis. They were involved throughout every part of the process. They brought new ideas to the table & made it easy to discuss any complications or limits within the tech. We could sit & chat about the work. The team became stronger because of this mutual respect & friendship.



Ideally everybody involved in the project would be together at the time of evaluation but this isn’t always practical with busy stakeholders.


New customer requirements are gathered through an in-app survey & an online product forum. The app is monitored through analytics. Analysing the feedback keeps the app fresh & alive.

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