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Survey application



How can we make a delightful application that helps content creators author and publish surveys?



A simple intuitive survey application for content creators, with a fast learning curve. No need for tutorials or training. Authors are free to experiment rapidly with multiple versions & ideas.


For the business this meant anybody in the team could essentially contribute and faster, responsive publishing times.



Lean UX process for shorter requirements

(based on a 5 day sprint).



Day 1 was about gathering the facts.


Stakeholder interviews uncovered requirements. User testing looked at the content creators current work flow and

benchmarking helped us to understand the current market and competitive platforms.



Day 2 was the ideation stage.


Crazy-8’s is a technique I often use during short sprints to explore multiple ways to solve our key problems in the project.


They take very little time and effort but the results can push the ideas forward quickly.



By day 3 the team are ready to formalise the sketch ideas into considered (sketch) wireframes ready for sharing with sakeholders and testing with content creators.


Sometimes this stage is skipped and using a pre-prepared UI kit, the interface can be built quickly ready for testing.


Solution sketches

Solution sketches



Day 4 is by far the most important day. This will make or break the application and how it progresses as a product.


Having access to content creators meant the prototypes could be low fidelity. If this was external testing I’d most probably make the app feel as close to reality as possible. Either way quick changes can be made to the design during testing.



Finally, once the application had been tested and amended, it could move into delivery phase.


For our team, working closely with the developers (building it using BootStrap) the final designs for MVP could go straight into dev. No UI skin had been designed at this stage. This is the beginning of creating a simple usable app.

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