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UX Designer based in Manchester, UK.

I currently work at senior level as part of the UX Apps team at The Hut Group where I research and create experiences for the future of the company for mobile and connected devices (everything from mobile phones and games consoles to Apple TV & VR experiences).

I used to spend half of my week working on client projects (agency side) for Skylab and the other half of the week working on product design for MediaTank (start up company).

I've created work for every kind of major client in different sectors ranging from sports and fashion to retail and B2B.

I regularly attend NUX, if you do too say hello :)


Hundreds of thousands of people regularly view and interact with the work I create or that I have played a part in creating. For example there have been 53,388 (July 2015) new visitors to the Metfilm School website since it's launch in March 2015.

I care about this stuff. I care about the way people interact with technology and the impact it has on the world, how it can influence people, change the way we live and work. I care about making it useful and relevant.

The work never ends. It needs constant iteration and improvement. So do I.

Thanks for viewing my work.

WHAT THE #$%@?

That UX thing... erm.. what is it?

If you obey all the rules,
you miss all the fun.


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