Brew Round is your perfect barista buddy*. It's your round! collect your orders and hand them over to your local friendly coffee barista to serve up.

(*Actually, this app was designed purely to gain new learnings).

I wanted to create a quick test application that would allow me to learn about the functionality in native iOS apps. The app includes local storage, use of different input methods and interactions. It was also a chance to understand Apples HIG, dev registration and the journey through the app store. Interactive storybooks were developed for consultation with the developer before the UI was designed.

Project status: Available (without continued support or updates) on the app store here.

Mind map for app content requirements
Map of the interactive journey through the app
Prototype local storage and interaction
Moodboards and sketches
Storyboard books helped when consulting with the developer

This was only a test app, but it appeared in the app store's 'new and notable' and on 'the daily app show':